Like Thailand’s ladyboys, many transvestites also believe they are a woman trapped within the body of a man.

As I write in Transvestites Explained:

“Those males who do feel they have a woman’s heart, mind and soul are found in all cultures, and nowadays are often referred to as transgender males, and are said to be experiencing a psychological condition known as Gender Dysphoria.

I had a male friend who suffered Gender Dysphoria and would rush home every day after work, just so he could get out of his man’s clothes and put on a woman’s bra and knickers.

In the past, such males from the western world have not been well-accepted by friends and family, and have rarely been free to express their desired gender. Therefore, trans males in our society have for hundreds of years virtually lived their entire lives hiding the sex gender many of them thought they were really meant to be.

Males with Gender Dysphoria can start feeling and acting a little girlishly at very young ages and some of them may begin wearing their mother’s or sister’s clothes, eye shadow and lipstick, and preferring to do women’s chores well before the ages of 5 or 6.”

As you can now see, both Thai ladyboys and our western world transvestites can be quite complicated individuals and are not all just ‘gay men in drag’, as many wrongly assume.