For many years, people have asked why some men are gay. In this book, I endeavour to answer this question and hope to clear up the many misconceptions as to why some males live a less than common sexual existence.


Can modern science detect if you are going to like blue cars or red cars? No. Why then do so many believe modern science can detect if you are going to be gay or straight? For years, science has searched for the answer to homosexuality’s origins. Theories today as to why some men are gay will unquestionably be replaced by other theories tomorrow – and so the roadshow continues!

If you want to know why some men are gay,simply look at theirslightly different:
• Kind of emotional wiring
• Kinds of personalities
• Ways of thinking
• Personal views on men and women
• Their, at times, rather diverse ways of rationalising.
Also take into consideration:
• Their ambitions
• Their personal likes and dislikes
• What they have learnt from others
• What they have taught themselves

If you ponder all the above, you will see the reasons why some men conjure up an array of ideas as to why they would sooner ‘play with dicks than chicks’ is because of what simply goes on …… read on.