In some ways, the relationships gay men have with each other are quite similar to male and female relationships. For example, some gay couples enjoy happy relationships while others not so happy – often ending in an absolute screaming match.

Often, gay men have friendships with women, but usually these relationships have a short life span. Certain gay males have very strong dislikes towards women and are referred to as having ‘misogynistic’ tendencies, meaning they are ‘strongly prejudiced against women’.

I have met many of these males and their deeply-engrained misogynistic attitudes can prevent them from having even the most distant of relationships with women.

There are millions of gay men throughout the world and so it follows that there are millions of families that have a gay family member. Many parents feel guilty and blame themselves for their gay son’s homosexual tendency.

Although a person’s upbringing can reflect on their behaviour, let’s not overlook the fact that many gay men come from very wealthy and well-educated families with no other male family member showing any homosexual tendencies at all. It would seem that some sons are simply born slightly different and are therefore likely, at times, to display certain behaviours that are considered ‘not the norm’.

As I write in my ebook, My Son Is Gay:

“You are not the only parent who has a gay son. There are millions of gay men and many of their parents are as equally bewildered by their son’s sexual preference, as you are.

If you follow the proven approach I teach in this book, you will be able to cope better as a parent of a gay son. You may even now begin to see your gay son for what he is – a slightly different male. While not born gay, he is perhaps just a little prone to some rather diverse ways of behaving. That’s just the way he and other slightly different males are.

If you accept this, I know you and your family will cope better and learn to live in harmony.”