Although homosexual men have lived in all societies, in most cases, they have not become very well socially accepted.

As I write in my ebook, Gay Men Finally Explained:

“Many societies still see homosexuality as unethical and just another form of sexually-perverted male misconduct. Some societies even group it together with such behaviours as child molesting, under age sex, rape, exposing oneself in public and being an unfaithful partner”.

Those who strongly dislike homosexual males or view them as extremely sexually devious are often referred to as homophobics. I believe some people are even born with a tendency to be homophobic, and these individuals may often make no secret with regards to their dislike of gay men. Even in today’s more open-minded society, homophobia is still very common and is as rampant now as it ever was.

Despite their social rejection, many gay males today openly date each other and some even go as far as getting married. In many countries, gay marriage is now legal, but the problem here is millions of gay men suffer various forms of emotional unrest.

All the publicity and debate over gay marriage covers this up and while some believe the legalisation of gay marriage has reduced such things as suicides among gay males, this notion is extremely hard to prove.