All societies have homosexual males and although in the past most gay men have usually remained silent regarding their sexual preference, homosexuality has nonetheless been practised for thousands of years. Today, many gay males more openly talk about their homosexuality, but the topic that is very rarely mentioned is the emotional health of gay men. 

As I write in my ebook, Gay Men Explained:

“Contrary to what Mardi Gras and other gay events suggest, the emotional health of many gay men is often highly questionable. The unfortunate reality is that due to their slightly different emotional programming and, at times, their rather diverse ways of thinking, many gay men appear prone to various forms of emotional turbulence.


The suicide rate of homosexual men is three times higher than that of heterosexual men. Gay men also suffer more frequently from Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Autism, Anxiety and Depression. They also consume far greater amounts of medical suppressants than do heterosexual men”.

As you can now see, being a gay male is not for everyone and it would seem their gay lifestyles may not be ‘all fun and games’. My ebook, Gay Men Explained, has been written to help gay males find their way through the emotional haze that appears to be part of their gay lifestyles. Although no one wants to talk about the emotional health of homosexual men, this topic needs to be addressed.