Gay men number millions and I am sure most people will meet a gay man at some stage in their lives.

I first met a gay male when I was seventeen. We were staying at the same accommodation complex. Shortly after we met, he began referring to me as ‘doll’. Then a little later, he started calling me ‘partner’, ‘boyfriend’ and ‘other half’. He even went as far as putting a chair outside my room so he could watch me enter and leave my room.

At first, I thought he was just being friendly, but when other males in the complex told me he was homosexual, I clearly recall thinking of him as a slightly different male.

Gay men are indeed slightly different males and when I began to study why some men are gay, at first I thought that certain males may have been born with specific hormonal or biological characteristics that steered them towards homosexuality.

For example, I pondered that perhaps some men were born gay due to a shortage of women. The fact is that for every 100 girls born, 107 boys are born. Unfortunately, more boys die during childhood and adolescence than girls, and so by ages of about 23, the numbers are about equal.


However, after a ten year study of gay males, I am now of the firm belief that they are born with a unique kind of emotional programming. As such, these males will think differently, and ‘different kinds’ of thoughts can lead to ‘different kinds’ of behaviours.