Brian O’Donnell, for ten years, studied
the lifestyles and behaviours of many
gay men, Thai ladyboys and transvestites.

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Gay Men


Following a ten-year study of gay men, Gay Men Explained reveals why some men are gay and takes you through the step-by-step journey that most gay men take when transitioning to becoming homosexual. Gay Men Explained also offers advice to the many gay men who may be just a little disheartened or somewhat bewildered by their gay lifestyle. If you are a gay male, reading Gay Men Explained may be the most rewarding and enlightening 20 minutes of your life.

Gay Men

Finally Explained

Gay Men Finally Explained not only tells of why some men are gay, but also offers insights into the emotional world in which many gay men live. It includes counselling sessions conducted with three gay males. After reading Gay Men Finally Explained you will have an even deeper understanding of our society’s slightly different men. Gay Men Finally Explained is your 20-minute guide to a better understanding of slightly different males.

Gay Men

Society’s Slightly Different Males

Gay Men – Society’s Slightly Different Males sheds new light on gay men and will help readers see there is much more to gay males than what many believe. This book is not like any other, and so be prepared to hold on tight when reading Gay Men – Society’s Slightly Different Males.

The Collapse of the Gay Community

Gay males can be found in all walks of life and they number in the millions. Safety, however, is not always in numbers and the gay community does appear to be standing on shaky ground. This suggests that the collapse of the gay community may not be that far away.

My Son is Gay

Many parents are disheartened by having a gay son. In this book you will see this doesn’t have to be the case. If parents follow the proven approach I teach in this book, they will see there is light at the end of the tunnel, and will be able to deal with the possible challenges that may derive from having a gay son in the family.

My Son is Gay is a parent’s ten-minute guide to accepting their slightly different son.

Thailand’s Ladyboys

FINALLY Explained

Thailand’s ladyboy phenomenon has fascinated most who travel to what’s more commonly known as ‘the land of a thousand smiles’. If you have ever wondered why Thailand has so many ladyboys, Thailand’s Ladyboys Finally Explained is the book for you. You will learn that the complicated topic of Thai ladyboys can be simplified. After reading this book, you will find Thailand’s ‘slightly different’ ladies just a little less of a mystery.



Transvestites Explained reveals the reasons why some men become transvestites. It is a must-read for those in the transvestite or transsexual community, offering sound and time-proven advice for our society’s slightly different ladies. If you are a male with a tendency to dress and behave a little like a lady, Transvestites Explained is the book for you. Discover in 20 minutes what might otherwise take you years to learn.

About the Author

Brian O’Donnell

Brian worked for many years as a sales and marketing consultant for New Zealand and Australian insurance, marketing and real estate companies. During the 1990s he was a sought-after public speaker and lecturer. Brian eventually moved to Sydney where he worked with many males from the gay community. His advice and guidance has helped many within the gay community achieve a better understanding of themselves and higher levels of emotional wellbeing.

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